LINEN DRESS ZANNA, black color

Beautiful linen dress Zanna, full of charming details, such as lace sleeves, a ruffle at the bottom and a pleated drawstring at the neck. Hidden pockets in the side seam. 
On a warm summer day, the multi-purpose dress transforms into a beautiful shoulderless model and a dress with sleeves in cooler weather. The dress model is suitable for women of different sizes. 


Material: 100% LINEN

Linen that’s gone through a special processed wash won’t shrink in the wash and wrinkles up less. Linen is all natural, antibacterial and antistatic. Gets softer with every wash! The more it's worn, the more You it’ll become! Linen is unique by the fabric characteristics--cools in the summer and warms in the winter. Feel and enjoy!















39 €
* Size
  • one size/üks suurus



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Tips for maintenance:

*Follow wash instructions

*30’C with washing machine’s sensitive wash program

*Separate light and dark colored clothes

*Dark cloth may give color to lighter cloth both by washing or wearing

*Please don’t soak the product

*Turn product upside down and place in a washing bag to wash

*Avoid tumble drying

*Dry in fresh air if possible, but not under direct sun!